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Finders Keepers: 5 Ways to Retain Top Tech Talent

Ashley Wesley - Aug 2, 2018 8:31:00 AM



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Have a strong magnet for your IT retention plan or run the risk of your new hire being pulled off to another company.


Finders keepers, loser weepers – or so the saying goes – but in the world of IT recruitment, you won’t just be shedding tears if a new hire runs for greener pastures. You’ll also be losing thousands of dollars in training costs, not to mention burdening yourself with a new recruitment cycle to replace them.

When you find that ideal tech recruit, you need to have an ongoing plan to ensure they stay at your company. There are plenty of recruiters actively trying to poach your talent from you, so stay safeguarded by implementing the following strategies into your retention plan:


1. Influence 




Invite your technology talent to sit at boardroom meetings and encourage their participation in strategy development. Employees who feel like a part of a bigger picture and feel like their voices and opinions count on over-arching matters will feel a certain responsibility for the outcomes of your firm. Including them in on boardroom meetings includes them in your vision. As soon as this vision crystalizes in the mind's eye of your tech employee, their sense of purpose will likewise solidify at your company. 


2. Support




Ensure your workplace fosters a supportive environment. It’s easy to get frustrated when things go awry, but scolding your tech talent will have them seeking new avenues for achievement. When something goes wrong, instead of singling someone out, address the team with the concern and ask for a group solution on how to fix it.


3. Community




Encourage workplace fraternization and recreational gatherings between coworkers at your firm. Outside of it being super awesome to have ping-pong tables at the office space, it also encourages tech employees to step away from the computer screen, take a breather and connect with their peers. 

Further this sense of community by setting up weekly events like a bowling night, sushi night, movie screenings and other fun activities. When your workers feel like they are more than just coworkers, but actual friends who spend time even outside of work, they'll have all the more reason to want to stay in your workplace and with their bestest buddies. 


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4. Small Incentivesperks-to-offer-tech-employees.png

The little things go a long way in terms of incentivizing your staff. You don't have to present large cash payouts to make your employees feel cared about and appreciated. It's the little things along the way that really add up and hold your talent in place.  

Little Perks to Keep Your Tech Employees Happy  

a) Flex-time & Work-Life Balance 

Millenials consider it very important for employers to provide work-life balance and flexible work arrangements. Make sure you take this into consideration, as options like flex-time and telecommuting are a low-cost way to keep your employees happy and retained. 

b) Catered Lunches 

Hungry minds also have hungry bellies, and not everyone is fond of meal preparation. Offering catered meals daily or weekly will keep workers satisfied and prevent the dreaded state of becoming "hangry" (hungry + angry). 

c) Gift Cards  

Get a vibe for where your employees go for lunch or coffee breaks and every now and again, surprise them with a gift card. Chapters/Starbucks never hurts.

d) Recognition Programs

While some people shy away from the limelight, others truly enjoy being praised and recognized for their efforts. Have employee spotlights every now and again to highlight the awesome work your tech talent has been contributing or even to shine a light on some other cool talent or community activity they are involved in. 

 e) Bring Your Pet to Work

If your office space allows for it, have the option of bringing your pet to work one day or every day. Who doesn't love having their furry friend around at all times?


5. Continuing Education & Training 

Investing in your employees' career growth and knowledge advancement is key to keeping top talent satisfied. According to Right Management, employees are more likely to stay at firms that offer continuing education. You can either create training programs yourself, purchase continuing education packages for your employees or provide your tech talent with a stipend to use towards furthering their knowledge and skills. 



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