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SKILLED-UP: Prepare for Each Stage of your IT Job Interview in Ontario

Ashley Wesley - Sep 5, 2018 5:30:00 PM


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Upcoming job interview for that big tech gig? Don't freak out. We've got you covered!

They want you! They really, really want you! And now, they want to interview you. Ugh. Who likes the interview process? Nobody. It’s nerve-wracking.

You’re worried about fumbling over your words. You want to look good and sound smart without coming across as a total megalomaniac. And the first interview is just the beginning of the festivities.  

It’s like that party held by your weird uncle that just won’t end. Not after the awkward karaoke sing-off. Not after the serving of slimy, stale potato salad. Not even after your aunt passes out from too much cheap vino. And the party doesn't stop. But we can make the time go by a little less (dreadfully) stressfully with these tips.


Interview 1 -  The Pre-screen

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This interview is the size-up. Your interviewer is looking you up and down with a set of often prepared questions. They want to know who you are, where you’re coming from, and where you’re going. What they are trying to deduce is whether or not you’d fit into the culture and have the soft-skills needed to excel at the job.

Here's how the preliminary round may evolve: 

1. You may be tasked with completing a preliminary prescreen test. 

2. You will either receive a phone call (for the prescreen interview), or a follow-up email (if you did not make it past the first rounds). 

3. In the event you make it through, the recruiter will ask you a series of general questions: 

Here are typical questions relating to your strengths and weaknesses:

What are your key strengths?
What are some of your weaknesses?
What job responsibilities do you excel at?
What knowledge areas and technical skills are your most reliable?
What team and leadership skills are your most influential?
Do you have any additional skills or experiences that you did not include on your resume that we should know about?
Can you provide us with a sample or demonstration of your best work?

4. If the recruiter liked what they heard, you'll get a follow-up email instructing you to complete a technical feat. 


Interview 2 – Ninja-Level Technical Testing

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So you say you’re a ninja coder with the mental strength of a monk and the reflexes of a Samurai. Is that so? Well, young grasshopper, it’s time for you to show them what you’ve got.

The technical test is a time for you to demonstrate all those skills you’ve built with semester after semester slaving away at the computer screen and all those co-ops, junior roles, and possibly intermediate roles.

You’re a red-belt ready to get your black-belt. While this technically isn't an interview, it's a part of the process, so let's just leave semantics at the other side of the table (with that old, slimy potato salad), shall we? 


Interview 3 - Up-Close and Personal 


This is where things get a little more intimate. You're all up in each other's face (at a reasonable table's length apart, generally speaking) 

At this stage in the game, you will be meeting with your recruiter and possibly another member of the company, be it the CEO or Software Manager. You'll want to make a solid first impression. 

How to Be On Your Best Behaviour At the In-Person: 

1.) Show up like you're grown-up. No band-tees and pajama bottoms. A nice buttoned-up, freshly ironed dress-shirt matched with some pressed pants. Simple but sophisticated without being too stuffy. 

2.) Keep your cool. Sometimes your body language does all the talking, so make sure you are composed and using power poses to communicate confidence. 

3) Speak slowly. When you speak too quickly, you might get lost on a tangent or come across like you don't know what you're talking about. 

4) Ask questions. Flipping the interview around is a great way to express interest in the interviewers and the company. Let your interviewers have the spotlight; it might make for some great conversation. 


Interview 4 - The Friendly Finale 

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Sometimes, there is no "interview 4," but if there is, you want to be as ready as ever.

This is your time to seal the deal with your interviewer, and potentially your new coworkers. 

Often, these final interviews involve some of the team members you will work with, so be friendly and get to know them. It's a time for you to also see whether or not you'd fit into the scene at the company your interviewing at. 

If it's a fit, you'll be signing at the dotted line in no time!



And the party don't stop...until you walk in. So walk up into that job interview office looking like P.Diddy. Sharp, accomplished, well-prepared and ready to own it like a 700 million dollar empire comprised of record labels, clothing lines and the finest tequila money can buy!

Or... just look like a put together, well-mannered, friendly tech enthusiast excited at what's ahead for yourself professionally. 

The interview process is sometimes daunting, but like any family affair such as a crappy party held by your strange uncle, you're obligated to show up to and participate in if you want to be a part of the team.  The key is to keep your cool, be prepared for what questions will be thrown your way, talk yourself up, and you will be a hit at the party and win that tech job!

P.S. If you'd like to broaden your IT jobs opportunities, we have some great opportunities in technology. Connect with us and let's get you the perfect role. Best of all, our interviewers are the most friendly of folk. 


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