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Fundamentals of Performance Management

Darcy Michaud, CHRL - Jul 16, 2018 4:33:00 PM


When an employee is absent from work, you have to ask yourself "Why?" as each reason is not equal, and some reasons should be protected from disciplinary action.

I have always maintained with employers, employee groups and unions alike that the first essential expectation of employment is acceptable attendance. You can be the very best at what you do, however if you are not in the workplace to carry out your functions, your skills and capabilities are essentially of no value. As much as high absenteeism costs employers in the way of lost production, sick time costs, overtime costs, poor workplace moral, etc., it amazes me how very few employers have an appropriate attendance management program in place.

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The Value of Employee On-Boarding

Ashley Wesley - Apr 9, 2018 2:45:00 PM

Small and mid-sized businesses have numerous similarities as it relates to HR.  Most companies do not have an HR professional or an employee dedicated to HR.  Many companies are not aware or simply don’t have the time to educate themselves on HR best practices.  And some companies don’t have the time or money to implement HR practices. 

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Can You Terminate an Employee for Poor Performance in Ontario?

Ashley Wesley - Feb 5, 2018 12:20:00 PM

Are your employees performing poorly? Read ahead to figure out if you can terminate them based on their performance.


Terminating an employee with cause is never an easy bar to reach. Terminating an employee with cause for poor performance requires diligence from the employer. Where most employers fall short is in the lack of process and consistency that are essential to an effective performance management plan. Many employers implement their performance management tools and evaluations ‘as needed’ or worse, ‘when needed’. So why is this a problem for employers? Much the same as an attendance management program, for a performance management program to result in a termination for cause, it must be non-punitive in its intention, and it must be administered consistently to all employees.

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When Your Employees Have More HR and Benefit Knowledge Than You

Darcy Michaud, CHRL - Jan 1, 2018 11:13:00 AM

Employees now have more background knowledge of their workplace rights & entitlements. Do your own detective work or face legal troubles later on. 


When you work in the same field for a lengthy period, you become privy to trends and, in turn, sometimes formulate a theory. My theory … it seems as if employees are a lot more educated about their rights and employer obligations than they used to be. I can’t say for certain if employers are less educated than they once were, but certainly, relative to what I believe the balance once was, employees are getting the jump on employers much more often.

For your reading pleasure, I thought you all would enjoy hearing a few real-life examples that I have encountered in only the last month. These examples are situations where an employee has brought forth a complaint to or about their employer, and frankly, the employer did not realize that they were doing something wrong. 

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Spot the Dangers in Your Employment Agreement

Darcy Michaud, CHRL - Jul 1, 2017 8:15:52 AM

Most employers use employment agreements or contracts when they bring new employees on board.  The employee agreement is absolutely the most important document in the life cycle of the employment relationship.  An effective employment agreement can accurately frame the relationship, expectations, and remuneration as well as limit exposure for both parties.  However, an agreement that is not well written or is lacking important details can have damaging results for employers.

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