Facilitating Appropriate Terminations

Letting an employee go is never easy - and if you don't handle it appropriately, it can cost you a significant amount of money, time and damage to your organization's reputation. 

The "Facilitating Appropriate Terminations" webinar will provide you with a general overview of what you must consider to limit your liability before you end an employment relationship. 

Some essential take-aways from this webinar:  

  • the different types of terminations - including terminations with cause
  • the appropriate process and documentation practices to follow
  • what is willful misconduct and considerations at the time of termination

darcy michaud pic.jpgYour Webinar Host:
Darcy Michaud
Director of Human Resources, D & J

Darcy Michaud is a dedicated and successful human resource professional with a career spanning nearly 20 years. In his capacity as Director of Human Resources for a large municipality, Darcy managed the termination process for 7 bargaining groups as well as the non-union component. As the Senior Advisor and Consultant for one of the largest HR consulting firms in Canada, Darcy successfully advised clients across the country on thousands of terminations. Darcy now utilizes his wealth of knowledge and experience to guide Donaldson & James and their clients.

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