Where Have All the Good People Gone?


I’m sure it’s a question you’ve asked yourself when looking at the barren landscape of general labour talent. The talent you do manage to attract has no commitment to your company and leaves as soon as a competiting facility offers them a small pay increase. 

Our e-book will show you how to modify both your sourcing strategy and your branding strategy so you can rise above the competitive landscape and also access new streams of the general labour talent pool. 

Get the results you want with this e-book:

  • Increase Applicants:  Rebrand your facility and make general labour and manufacturing roles desirable to a larger candidate pool.
  • Reduce Turnover:  Use value-based recruitment strategies to find employees who will stay with your firm and believe in your mission.
  • Reduce Costs:  Create a successful and cost-effective rewards plan by considering factors outside of salary such as your plant's location, perks, accomodations and ongoing education.recruiters kitchener waterloo